脊髄損傷者の為のリハビリ団体J-workoutの映像が完成しました。バックミュージックの”Miracle is in the Method”はここを創設した渡辺淳さんが亡くなられた時に彼とJ-workoutの皆さんに捧げる為に作曲と作詞をしました。歌は梶原ひろみです。一人りでも多くの方がJ-workoutを応援して下さる事を望みます。

The video about J-workout, a group of rehabilitation from spinal cord damages, has just got completed. The background music, Miracle is in the Method, is the music I composed and wrote the lyrics when J-workout founder, Mr. Jun Watanabe, passed away. I dedicated this music to him and to all the people part of J-workout. The voice is by Hiromi Kajiwara.
I hope a lot of people will support J-workout.