I’m going to Europe for concert tour!

I’m at the airport, ready to fly to Amsterdam! The schedule is as per below: if you are in the same place at the same time and you are free, let’s meet!
9/20~26 Amsterdam, 9/26~10/1 Moscow, 10/1~16 Milan, 10/16~20 Berlin, 10/20~24 Kiev, 10/24~11/6 Italy,

2012/9/23 (sun) 2.15 pm, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Het Concertgebouw Kleinezaal (charity)

2012/10/19 (fri) 7.30 pm, Germany, Berlin, Japanese-German Berlin Center

2012/10/20~24 Ukraine, Kiev, Some venue

2012/10/25 (thu) 9 pm, Italy, Milano, Bocconi University